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                     INTRODUCTION OF VASTS

VAST prides itself on providing the best possible services to our clients; we also realize and help identify each client’s individual needs and requirements.

At VAST, our primary objective of our training is to ensure that the knowledge acquired is applied and delivered successfully, adding real value and making a visible difference to work performance in the business environment. In this way you will meet business needs and build a healthy work environment. 


Commitment: A willingness to give your time and energy beyond your assigned roles to those activities that will benefit the organization, its clients or its employees. 

Communication: The manner in which messages (written or verbal) are given to customers, employees and suppliers ensuring that a high level of professionalism is constantly maintained and the image of the organization is not brought into disrepute.

Accountability: Being held responsible for tasks, targets and people that have been assigned to your role, failure of which could place the organization in a jeopardizing situation.

Innovation: Initiatives that lead to an increase in revenue, and/or efficiency and/or staff morale without compromising the organizations professional integrity. 

Passion: The ability to bring a positive energy to a task/activity, project, business relationship which can be evidenced by client, supplier, management and employee references. 

Knowledge and Expertise

The directors, staff, facilitators and registered assessors all have numerous years of experience in organizing and facilitating outcomes-based business skills training. Trainer’s are subject matter experts in each area we specialize thus ensuring expertise are available whenever requested.

Clients can be confident that VAST. Training’s courses are all in line with unit standards requirements and will help in measurable improvements to performance and productivity. 

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